Tillywig's Toy and Media Award 2022 - Parents Favorite Product

Posted by Nustream Marketing on Jun 20th 2022

Another well-deserved award has been received as we enter the second half of the year! We are now a holder of the Tillywig's Toy and Media Award for 2022 for being the best Kid Friendly Car Booster Seat! One of the top factors in winning this award we can attribute to the careful consideration that was put into the safety of this product.

Tillywig's is a company recognized for delivering product information and evaluations of exceptional children's items accessible in today's marketplace specifically for retailers, the news media, parents, and consumers. Tillywig rates and awards products based on their distinct evaluation criteria and selection process. The following areas were factored into being awarded such a distinct accolade. Ease of First Use, Replay Value, Quality, Appearance, Social Interaction, Fun Factor, Creativity, Thought Processes, and Motor Skills were the fields required to pass to secure this award.

Tillywig Toy & Media Awards : “ClypX's comfiGO delivers safety in a lightweight, easy-to-use booster seat kids readily embrace due to its natural feel and low-profile presence.”