Kid Friendly Booster Seat

comfortable, convenient & safe

Comfortable Child, Comfortable Parents

comfiGO was designed as a direct response to customer feedback. It is an answer to traditional, clunky, and inefficient car booster seats that offers advanced safety features for more peace of mind.


comfiGO provides comfort like no other booster seat. There is no hard plastic to sit on; instead, our soft and cushiony device is placed directly onto your car seat. The underside is made of rubber material that holds the seat in place, meaning your child will no longer have to fidget to get comfortable because our product will stay exactly where it should be.


Given its fundamental comfort and superior convenience, comfiGO is THE foremost booster seat solution for both kids and parents. Boasting a soft-padded cushion, superior safety, and ease-of-mobility, it's simple and easy to use for quick trips to the grocery store or for extended vacations to the beach. And unlike traditional car booster seats, which need to be removed for extra space when not in use, comfiGO's unobtrusive and low-profile design allows you to use the entire seat like there's nothing there. 


Most importantly, comfiGO emphasizes safety. Like traditional booster seats, it helps to position the seat belt properly. However, it does so by bringing the seat belt down to the child, instead of raising the child up to the seat belt. Coupled with our patented use of anti-slip rubber padding on the bottom and an adjustable elastic lap belt band that helps to mitigate slouching, you can rest assured that you've chosen one of the safest and easiest-to-use booster seats on the market. 

The Only Booster Seat Your Child Will Ever Need!