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ClypX® is a Tested Alternative to Child Booster Car Seats

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ClypX® - The Simple and Safe Replacement to Child Booster Car Seats

ClypX® isn’t only an excellent, portable child car restraint system that’s been tested for safety and approved for use by independent institutes in the US and EU, but it also helps address a much larger concern surrounding child safety.

Based on AAP and NHTSA guidelines, kids should be restrained in a CRS (child restraint system) while riding until the age of 12, regardless of state law.

Studies show that, starting at age 5, people begin to abandon booster and car seats because they are too cumbersome, and by the age of 8 almost 80% of kids are not using any type of restraint system. In fact, in the age group of 8 to 12 only 10% of children are properly restrained. ClypX®, with its convenience and simplicity, is made to address this problem.

Simply put, parents and kids love it!

ClypX®  is used with the existing safety belts in your car and helps you make adjustments specific to your child. It works by simply adjusting the shoulder belt to the correct position and allowing the lap section to rest across the hips, similar to car integrated boosters.

Our product can be used in any new car and in any older car with a lap and shoulder belt system. Take it on your family trips and reduce the clutter in your back seat! You can even give it to your child when he or she goes to school or practice to ensure his or her safety while carpooling on the way back.

ClypX® is suitable for use with children that weigh over 40lbs. (18 kg.), are 38-57 in. (97-145 cm.) tall, and 4 (though we recommend 5) to 12 years old.

So, what are you waiting for?  Experience the convenience and ease-of-mind you deserve with ClypX® by ordering now!


Super safe

We’ve scored terrifically well in crash tests. Our product also has the advantage of not interfering with the use of the built-in safety features of your vehicle (e.g. side air bags, side safety screens, etc.). This is because it works by simply adjusting the shoulder belt to the correct position (close to the neck, across the chest) and allowing the lap section to rest across the hips, working in a similar way to car-integrated boosters. By utilizing the vehicle’s seat belt, the child can benefit from any advanced seat belt functionalities your vehicle has to offer (e.g. belt pretensioners and load limiters).

ClypX® grows with your child

The highly adjustable ClypX® fits children of many sizes, so that years down the line you’ll find ClypX® will always be ready to use with your child! If you want to use ClypX® as a spare CRS (child restraint system), then its small size and portability will guarantee you’ll consistently have something to keep your child safe whenever you may need. You’ll never have to worry if you want to switch to ClypX® as your primary CRS later on! Remember that even though the law may not require it, it’s strongly advisable to use proper CRS with your child until they are at least 12 years old.

Very small

Our product can easily fit into your purse, bag, or even your pocket when you’re on the go! Reduce the amount of clutter in your back seat and store it in a more convenient location, or just leave it attached to the seatbelt! You can send it with your child when they are going to school, an event or if they have to carpool on the way back. You can even use ClypX® to seat 3 kids in a row (provided each seat has a lap and shoulder seat belt)!

Conveniently portable

ClypX® is the perfect solution for traveling and carpooling. You no longer have to worry about the need for cumbersome car seats limiting your travel! Take it with you to use in rental cars, taxis, buses, etc.

Guaranteed your Child will LOVE this Device

Small But Safe?

The answer is "absolutely"! We know that many people may think of booster and car seats as the only safe devices on the market. The truth is, though they are established methods of safe travel when used correctly, they are bulky and inconvenient to use. This is where our product shines. Weighing only a little over 4 ounces (120 grams), ClypX® is one of the safest, smallest and most portable child restraint systems (CRS) on the market. There are many contradicting opinions out there about child car safety. But you can be rest assured that we at ClypX® are parents FIRST and believe that the safety of our children is an absolute priority. We’ve run a number of crash tests with different independent institutes all around the world and our results are phenomenal. In fact, our product has managed to stay at least 25% under the required threshold during these tests, while many other renowned brands and their products struggle to pass at all!

The safety of our product can be seen in the FMVSS 213 certificate that ClypX® claims. The results show that the G strains acting on a child using ClypX® are about 40 Gs, while the maximum allowed amount is 53 G. Apart from the US FMVSS 213, and Canadian CMVSS 213, our device also carries the ECE 44 – which is the certificate created by European research institutes that allows the belt to be used in Europe (there are appropriate markings on ClypX® labels that show approval for legal use in the US and EU).
In the videos below, you can see that the shoulder belt doesn't change position during the collision. Furthermore, the lap belt is in direct contact with the entire surface of the child’s pelvis low on the hips, similar to car integrated boosters. This ensures that the belt safely catches the mannequin right at the very moment of collision, preventing any additional and unnecessary force on the child’s hips as well as any possible "submarining", which when the lower part of the body is pushed into the seat cushion during a collision, causing the child to slide underneath the lap belt, further risking the child to more injury.

ClypX® has been tested and certified by European research institutes allowing the belt to be used in Europe. Additionally, there are appropriate markings on ClypX® labels that show approval for legal use in both the US and EU.

In the videos below, you can see that the shoulder belt doesn't change position during the collision and the lap belt is in direct contact with the entire surface of the child’s pelvis low on the hips.

Using ClypX is as easy as 1-2-3

Instructions for Securing your Child in a Vehicle

Fasten the lower locking clip

Securely fasten the lower clip of your ClypX® to the car’s lap belt, in between the child’s hip and the car belt’s end bracket (this is the side OPPOSITE the car’s belt buckle, where the tongue of the seat belt goes in). Always fasten near the end bracket, around where the belt stems from the seating and extends next to the child’s thighs.

Adjust the vertical length of the ClypX® belt

Make sure your child is sitting with his or her back flat against the back of the seat before fastening the car’s seat belt. Then place the upper, diagonal part of the seat belt by the child’s shoulder and adjust the length of your ClypX® so that, running vertically, the top clip is located just above the child’s shoulder. A good length above the shoulder is about 1-2 inches (2-3 fingers, or 3-5 cm.). To adjust, use the belt adjuster located in the middle of the device.

Fasten the upper locking clip

When satisfied with the positioning, tighten the belt to get rid of any slack. Once the lap belt is laying snug across the hips, fasten the upper clip to the shoulder belt. The belt MUST NOT be twisted. If your child is wearing heavy outer garments, try unfastening them and pulling the “lap section” of the belt under the clothes and along the hips. Remember that the closer the belt is to the body, the better it will protect your child.

And that’s it! Now your child is ready for the ride, comfortable and safe.

What are you waiting for?

Buying ClypX® now will ensure that you have a convenient and portable CRS (child restraint system) that has been tested and approved for use in the US and EU ready to use at a moment’s notice!

Then, whenever you feel like you want to declutter your back seat and that your child is ready to move on to ClypX® for good, your ClypX® will be ready too.

Our useful device is easy to use anytime, anywhere, until your child surpasses the age of 12 or grows over 57 inches tall and no longer requires a CRS.

Our goal is that you and your child will never be left without a CRS when you really need it, and that there are no more children on the road riding unsafely.

Now there’s no excuse to not have your child safely restrained!

If you’re a caring parent, buy ClypX® now for all those places and moments you wish you had a small and portable CRS for your child.

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