About Us

The ClypX® brand was created by a group of parents with backgrounds in engineering and many years of experience working in the child safety industry. Thanks to their hard work and knowledge, many products have been created that ensure the safety of children and the satisfaction of thousands of families. Keep reading to learn more about our car seat company.

About Our Car Seat Company 

Our motto, “Safety & Convenience,” is about bringing products to market that are exactly that: safe and convenient to use. At our car booster seat company, we strive to achieve maximum effectiveness and compliance by designing products that are trustworthy and simple to use. Often, just having safe products is not enough when millions of parents choose not to use them due to their complexity and inconvenience.

The design of any ClypX® product is the result of observations in the industry and the market, combined with research and statistics on how products are used, misused, and often, not even used at all! This, topped with a willingness to acknowledge and respond to the real problems of parents around the world is how products like comfiGO® come to be. We work with an absolute belief in our products after many commercial tests have been performed by independent research institutes. Contact us to learn more about our car seat company. We proudly serve New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida as well as Texas and California.