• How Does it Works?

comfiGO® utilizes technologies not previously brought to booster seats, with an elastic lap belt band that keeps the child safe, as well as seatbelt positioning tools to ensure that the seatbelt is correctly positioned across the center of the chest. 

  • Who Should Use comfiGO®?

comfiGO® is for any and everyone that deals with driving children in their life. Whether that's mom and/or dad, grandparents, a friend that drives your kid around, a taxi driver that needs a booster seat, or anyone else.

  • Why comfiGO®?

comfiGO® provides the ultimate traveling experience for both you and your child, with extreme portability and convenience with its small size, but also providing safety and comfort for your child. Your kid will feel like an adult, and you'll feel free from the clunkiness of traditional booster seats.